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3DR Stereotactic System

Stereotaxy Simplified

3D Arc System


The unique design of the 3D Arc System helps in easy application and position to achieve the planned trajectory.
It is compact and offers maximum room for the surgeon to manipulate.
It is compatible with all the adapters, wide range of Stereotactic Instruments including the Microdrive.



System has a universal CT and MRI localiser. The design is absolutely user friendly and allows quick fixation.
The open ends avoid claustrophobia.

3DR Head Frame


A very unique , light weight design, with ease of manipulation of nasal bridge facilitating intubation.
The sleek low profile system provides all time comfort to the patient.

Phantom Calibration System


3DR Phantom is simple, accurate and one can get the clarity of mechanical accuracy in the shortest possible time.

Head Posts and Extensions


Head posts are designed in various sizes to accomodate various head sizes in such a way that fixing of pins are accomplished with ease.
For smaller head sizes HP extensions are provided.

Head Pins


Head pins are of two sizes. They are stable for fixation on the head and are also compatible with imaging.

Sterilisation Cases


Sterilisation cases are provided with silicon padding and individual slots for the specific components to prevent damage while handling.

Spectre Surgery Planner 

Spectre Surgery Planner is a unique, accurate and a robust software that makes the trajectory, planning, image fusion simple and elegant like a child’s play. All the stereotactic procedure can be planned quickly. Specifically, the software allows the option of choosing multiple targets, multiple entry points at the same time.
The planning can be done in axial, coronal and sagittal orientations simultaneously.

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